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In this article, we are going to discuss the Bigg boss 15 watch online registration and apply method because in the 15th audition commoners can also apply and participate. We will also see info about the eligibility criteria and the auditions information about the date and the method. Now we will start the article without any further discussion.

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How to participate in Bigg boss 15?

                                                         Commonly this is the most asked question by Biggboss fans that how can you be a part of this show. In its early seasons, only celebrities could be a part of the show but now it’s different…commoners could also participate and win. Okay, now we will have a look at the ways to participate in one of the greatest drama shows in India.

So basically you can participate in this show by giving auditions and for that, you must fill an online form. Auditions were starting from May 2021 for the bigg boss 15 full episode participants. After filling the online form you will give an audition and this is the only way to participate in one of the biggest television shows of colors TV for a commoner.

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Now we will share the details about the eligibility criteria to fill the online form and auditions and tips for giving a good audition and we will see some of the answers to some frequently asked questions. The most popular of them is how to make the audition video? People are curious to know the perfect way for making the BB15 audition video which will help them in selection as a participant. We will also suggest you the perfect video-making method for it.

Eligibility Criteria for Bigg boss 15 registration;

                                                                                 To be a part of the show you must be eligible. For this purpose, the organizers have made few points that determine the eligibility criteria for a participant. Check these points before filling the registration form. Those few points are listed below.

  1. The number 1 point is that you should be at least 18 years old or above to participate in the show.
  2. Employees or workers for the governing authority of a show cannot apply as a participant. You must not be one of them.
  3. You must be a local Indian resident to participate. (Overseas Indians can also participate but those who are living in the Asian region or in SAARC areas).
  4. Participants will necessarily provide all the information regarding them which will be asked by the authorities of the show.
  5. Participants must provide valid legal documents which prove their age, nationality, address, and other basic details.

One must read these points carefully if he/she is intending to participate in the show because if there is some issue in any of them then you can never be eligible for the show.

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Bigg boss 15 online apply;

                                            Once you have read all the details carefully and you have found yourself eligible for the shoe then you can move on to the next step and that is to fill the online registration form and that’s a pretty simple way to fill. For online application to follow these steps

  1. Visit the official website of Voot to apply for Bigg boss 15 Colors Tv Episodes. There you will find a portion with the name auditions and then go to the Bigg boss 15 and then click on the apply now button and then you will see a form which will be asking few details.
  2. You can also download the official Voot app and then follow the simple instructions which will lead you to the same application form.
  3. Now there will be some simple information will be asked. These are generally things which are regarding your personal details. Now at the end of the form, you have to upload an audition video which you must have upload one but if you want to upload more then you can send 3 to impress them for your selection. It will give a good impact. (In the last part we will learn how to make the audition video).
  4. Give all the information correct. After all, this click on the submit button and then you have applied. Now the BB authorities will contact you for auditions if they find you eligible and good enough to be a participant in the show.
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Auditions Video Requirements;

                                                      This is the most important part of the application form. This is what differentiates you from others and will make a great impact on your selection or rejection that’s why you need to be very pacific about the videos. The audition video should be eye-catching for the viewer and it should be very charming. Follow these mandatory rules which will make a good impact on your video for the selection.

  • Be very pacific with the time duration it should not exceed then “3 Minutes” otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Take care of the size of the video too it should not exceed 50MB.
  • Videos only in mpg, MPEG, Flv, Avi, mp4, MOV formats will be accepted.
  • Introduce yourself in the videos and about hobbies and other experiences and how you can win the show if allowed to participate.
  • Be well dressed in the video.

So this was all about auditions and applies. If you have any questions just ask in the comment section. Remember to watch bigg boss 15 latest episodes in hd quality. Visit us from the first episode to watch bigg boss 15 live voot episodes free.




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